Monthly Dues are as follows:      

Seadogs Swim Club gives a $5.00 discount for each sibling after the first full paid swimmer.

Pre Competitive Team Monthly Dues                   High School Race Team

$75.00             1 day per week                                             Option 1 Stress Test    $80.00

$85.00             2 days per week                                           Option 2 Race Team 2 $95.00

$90.00             3 days per week                                           Option 3 Race Team 3  $100.00                     

$95.00             4 days per week

Competitive Team Monthly Dues

$85.00           Seapups

$95.00           Greyhounds 

$110.00         Bulldogs

$125.00         Whippets

$135.00         Golden Retrievers

$70.00           Masters

If your swimmer shows up for 1 day in the month you are liable for the monthly fees.

If you plan to take anytime off from swim you must give an 30 day notice to the club with instruction of holding your account for a monthly fee or suspending your account until further notice.

Seadogs Club  takes breaks throughout the year and your monthly fees are not pro rated for these days.